Blug Credeblug, s.l.

Applied normative

All BLUG equipments have been conceived, designed and calculated integrally basing on the technical criteria, parameters and indications stated at least in the standards below.

List of applied normative

UNE-EN ISO 9001 Quality control procedure.

FEM 1001 Section I:1998 Calculation normative for lifting devices.

DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE Technical safety standards of the European Communities

EN 292Machines safety

EN 1050 Machines safety. Risk evaluation

EN 60204-1 Electrical equipment safety

NF 52110 Calculation rules for lifting structures and apparatus

UNE 58132 Calculation rules for structures, joints and devices

DIN 15018 Calculation rules for steel structures, welded joints and screwed joints

ASME Section IXWelding procedure and homologation

EN 25817 Welded joints

ISO 5817 Welded joints

NF-P-22470 Plate folding conditions in cold

ISO 6043 Suspension, eyelets, forks and hinges

NF-E-52201 Lifting accessories. Suspension, eyelets, forks and hinges

EN 10025 Plates and hot-rolled products

ISO 2768 Tolerances

EN 10083 Steels for mechanical construction

DIN 50049-2.1 Quality certificates for raw materials

ISO 4310 Reception and trial tests

UNE EN-ISO 13155:2004+A2 Non-fixed load lifting attachments

UNE 58118 Reception and trial tests

NF-E-52200 Lifting accessories. Static tests

NF-E-52202 Lifting accessories. Static tests.